Fruit & vegetables

Tierra y Libertad is a cooperative of small- and medium-scale organic producers, often family-owned and with roots in their local community. We provide a range of high-quality fruit & vegetables grown without using intensive farming techniques, with an emphasis on citrus and other crops suited to the Mediterranean climate.

Our producers are experts in traditional agriculture, often with generations of experience, while also being specialists in modern land management, soil regeneration and advocates for growing local, traditional and more disease-resistant plant varieties.

Organic cherry producer Paco Aceras

Paco Aceras

The son and grandson of farmers, Paco Aceras began working in a time before tractors were known in the Cáceres region. In 1998 he helped create the Tierra Sana association.
Producers of organic oranges César and Juan Salamanca Ocaña

César & Juan Salamanca

BioValle is a farm located in the fertile valley of Guadalquivir, near Córdoba, an area renowned since the time of the Moors for its cultivation of orange trees.
Medlar fruit ripening on the tree

Carlos Márquez

Avocado, mango & medlar
The life of my family has always been closely linked to the countryside: it is our passion and the place where we feel most at home.
Organic grain and vegetable producer Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Grain, pulses & vegetables
In 2014 a group of small farmers from Montalbán formed the Monteblanco Cooperative, with the goal of producing organic fruit and vegetables at a fair price.
Organic avocado and mango producer Jesus Manuel Villena

Jesús Manuel Villena

Avocado, mango & sweet potato
Our project is focused on an ecologically and socially sustainable agricultural model, with special attention on soil fertility, increasing biodiversity and fair trade.
Organic fruit producer Galo Naila

Galo Naila

Nectarine, papaya, apple, pear, peach, almond, apricot & plums
I have been a farmer since I was born. My parents have always worked the land with great effort and dedication, and working with my father taught me everything I know today.
Organic fruit and vegetable producer Constantino Ruiz Dominguez working in his greenhouse

Constantino Ruiz Dominguez

Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers & melons
The management of our farm focuses on the soil and its natural fertility, seeking to generate the conditions for microbiology to proliferate.
Organic mango and papaya producer David Ruiz

David Ruiz

Mango, papaya & turmeric
We apply ideas and experiences discovered through our work in the agricultural sector; our farm is a meeting place for the wisdom of yesteryear and new innovation.
Organic custard apple, avocado and mango producer Jose Antonio González

Jose Antonio González

Mango, papaya & turmeric
Our team is made up of Luis Miguel and Mario, my wife and myself. Our model is based around building trust with our clients, with total transparency regarding our way of working.
Organic fruit and vegetable producers Guadalhorce Ecológico

Guadalhorce Ecológico

Fruit & vegetables
Our cooperative focuses on short routes of marketing, the value of life in the field and fostering direct relationships between food production and its consumption.
Organic fruit and vegetable producer Rubén Ayala working in his greenhouse

Rubén Ayala

Tomato, peppers, aubergine, courgette, cucumbers & papaya
We rely on biological pest control, introducing and favouring beneficial insects and establishing an ecological balance within the greenhouse, without using any type of insecticide.
Organic orange and mandarin producer Francisco León Barceló

Francisco León Barceló

Oranges & mandarins
Francisco is a 26-year-old farmer with a background in computer science, who opted to work in agriculture following the example of his father Paco, who in 2000 bought the farm that his son now manages.
Organic citrus producer Paco Bedoya picking lemons

Paco Bedoya

Lemons, mandarins & oranges
Paco Bedoya is one of the longest-serving members of the Guadalhorce cooperative, working with them since 2012.
Organic orange and lemon producer Antonio Gámez

Antonio Gámez

Lemons & oranges
Antonio Gámez was born in his family farmhouse and to the present day the farm, inherited from his father, has never applied synthetic fertilizers.
Organic avocado and mango producer Enrique López

Enrique López

Avocados & mangoes
Enrique López runs a farm with around 2000 avocado and mango trees, which have been planted in stages. The last group of 1100 trees were established in 2013.
Organic farmer Francisco González Martín

Francisco González Martín

Grapefruit, pecan nuts, walnuts & pomegranate
Francisco González Martín runs a farm in Álora, in the Valle del Guadalhorce near Málaga, with his son and daughter.
Organic pomegranate and fruit producers Cristobal Rueda and Manuel Jiménez

Cristóbal Rueda & Manuel Jiménez

Pomegranates, plums, apricots & quince
Cristóbal and Manolo are neighbours and both farmers, who decided to partner and manage their fruit trees in common since they both come from farming families and are field technicians.
Organic farmer Álvaro Bazán holding a crate of fresh aubergines, green peppers and broad beans

Álvaro Bazán

Vegetables & fruit
Invernaderos Lagos is a family project located near Vélez-Málaga, in a district with the highest concentration of greenhouses in the province of Málaga. They produce a wide variety of vegetables and some fruit.