Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Cooperativa Monteblanco

Location: Montalbán de Córdoba
Products: Ancient grain varieties, pulses, vegetables with a focus on onion, garlic & asparagus
Organic grain and vegetable producer Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Our project was born out of necessity: fertile ground with no one to take over from the older generation and a complete absence of local fruit and vegetables for sale in the area. In this context a group of small farmers from Montalbán decided to act, and in 2014 formed a cooperative with the goal of producing organic fruit and vegetables at a fair price.

We have developed a network of local shops where we sell some of our products and support independent small farmers, trying to provide decent and stable work for them and their employees, in particular young people and women. Over the previous years we have increased the fertility and biodiversity of the soil using organic techniques such as sensible crop rotation and the use of green manures.

We find ourselves in the beautiful countryside to the south of Cordoba and wish to contribute to its maintenance, and to the common good of all its inhabitants.