Pedro Cano & José Acosta

Tierra Savia

Location: Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville
Products: Wine

Tierra Savia is a direct tribute to our land; the place our wines come from. We are José and Pedro, lifelong friends and partners. We are an enologist and architect, farmers and winemakers. We work using organic and sustainable viticulture, and we are certified organic.

Our intent is to achieve a perfect harmony between the past and the present, to develop local wines anchored to the land by the native grape varieties already here, as well as others that will adapt to the area and express themselves in their own distinct ways. It’s always the soil that has the final say.

For us our cellar is a little treasure, where time goes by to the rhythm of the south. More than 30 microvinifications, where most tanks do not reach 500 liters in size. We punch down our grapes by hand twice a day, every day. We use amphoras and jars, most of them between 200 and 400 years old.

“We are convinced that wine has a memory.”