Meat & dairy

With its focus on a high-quality diet and free movement for animals, traditional meat and dairy farming in Spain aligns well with modern organic approaches. Our jamon, chorizo and cheeses are produced using artisanal methods developed over decades and now certified as 100% organic, and without any artificial colours or preservatives.

Maintaining and supporting the balance of nature in local forests and pastures is of prime concern to our producers. Respecting the heritage and traditions of the land they farm means an emphasis on managing smaller, more sustainable groups of animals, and where possible recycling available resources.

Organic cheese producer Alonso Santos de Pedro

Ángeles Santos de Pedro

We are a small family-run farm, managing our flock of sheep in a traditional way and producing organic cheese with the Designation of Origin ‘Zamorano’.
Organic jamon producer Antonio Marin, surrounded by Iberian breed pigs

Antonio Marin

Iberian jamon, chorizo & salchichon
I am a veterinarian who became tired of the clinic and decided to take over from my father, who had been raising Iberian pigs for almost 20 years.