Supporting small scale organic farmers in Europe

Tierra y Libertad is a network of family farms and small cooperatives working with carefully selected customers across Europe, based on the principles of mutual respect, solidarity and sustainability.

About Us

We supply competitively priced, high quality produce to buyer’s groups, shops and box schemes with full transparency: customers can see where a product is coming from, the story of the producer and how much they are being paid.

Our members are passionate advocates for organic agriculture, the values of tradition and responsibility in farming, and offering the best possible product to the end consumer.

“We stand for a very political agriculture, nothing more than bringing it into everyday life.”

Rafael Garcia, Cooperativa Olivovivo

Vegetables, fruit, grain, wine, oil, charcuterie, seeds & nuts…

Our members grow and supply food all year round. Have a look at what’s available each month.


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Interested in finding out more about any of our producers, or whether Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad could help your shop or buyer’s group? Write to us at, or use our contact form.

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“If our only measure is profitability, then quality will certainly suffer.”

Antonio Marin, La Umbría Ibérico Ecológico