Our Goals
To support small scale organic farmers in Europe by providing them with a reliable channel by which to sell their produce at a fair price.
We aim to offer affordable, high quality organic food to consumers in Europe by partnering with other retail projects (shops, box schemes etc.) and providing them with competitively priced, high quality produce.
Our goal is to increase the transparency and solidarity in the food system by sharing with our suppliers and clients a wide variety of information (where a product comes from, how much it costs, the story of the farmer), and arranging farm and shop visits to help build a relationship between producer and consumer.


About The Cooperative
Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad works with producers across Spain, mostly grouping and shipping orders from Málaga in the south. Several members have extensive knowledge and experience of small-scale agriculture, its ways and customs, and are responsible for finding new partners. The criteria are:

  • small to medium scale producers
  • owner operated (usually run as a family farm or cooperative)
  • a commitment to organic farming
  • high quality
  • reasonable prices
Each week availability is put online for our partner buyers to order. There is complete transparency: clients can see where the product is coming from, the story of the producer and how much the producer is being paid.
Products are then brought to a central distribution point and individual orders are prepared, to be sent out the following day. The whole process takes one week, from ordering to delivery.


Who do we work with?
Focussing on transport costs and the desire to keep produce as affordable as possible, Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad works with medium-sized projects who can supply the volume required. The values of the people we partner with are very important, and as we work with small farmers the number of projects we can support is limited.
All actors in the chain must be members of the cooperative: producers, distributers or buyers. Membership gives voting rights at the annual general meeting and a share in any profit – a minimum of one share must be bought to participate and every shareholder has one vote. Profits are shared according to the number of shares held.