Gumersindo Sánchez


Location: Caniles, Granada
Products: Pistachio nuts

Pistasol is a certified organic farm located in the north of Granada, in an area known as the Albardinales. We began in 2014 by planting Kerman and Peter varieties of pistachios, along with Picual and Alzafara olive groves.

Our pistachios are roasted and packed without adding any salt, making the most of the exceptional flavour that comes from organic cultivation and the care we take in the cleaning and drying process. From harvest to preserving takes no more than 24 hours, guaranteeing the taste and health benefits of the nut.

Today we continue to farm following the principles of protecting our environment and fauna, helping to make our finca more self-sustainable and passing our ideas on to neighbouring farmers, who are already beginning to follow in our footsteps. Our project still has a way to go, but is already showing very good results.