Francisco León Barceló

Guadalhorce Ecológico

Location: Cártama in the Valle del Guadalhorce, Málaga
Products: Oranges & mandarins
Organic orange and mandarin producer Francisco León Barceló

Francisco is a farmer with a background in computer science, who opted to work in agriculture following the example of his father Paco, who in 2000 bought the farm that his son now manages.

Paco decided to move his farm to organic production after observing how chemical fertilizer caused the deterioration of his working tools, thinking: if it does this with the metal, what could it not do to the human body? Paco and Francisco are happy producing fruit in an ecological and healthy way, something they also consider a social responsibility, for “we are what we eat”.

They cultivate orange trees of the Navelina variety, bearing fruit between November and February, one of the best oranges in the world with a smooth and juicy texture to the pulp and a balanced sweet and sour taste in the mouth. They also produce mandarins, with the main variety being Clemenules – a true gift of nature and the star of the mandarin world; of good size, intense flavour and with an aromatic rind. As suitable for juicing as for the table.