Carlos Márquez

Frutas Sayalonga


Avocado, mango & medlar

Certified Organic Since



Sayalonga in the Comarca de la Axarquía, Málaga

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Type of producer

Family-run on 5 hectares



About Us and our Approach

The life of my family has always been closely linked to the countryside: it is our passion and the place where we feel most at home. I have lived here since I was a child, and in 2014 I was finally able to dedicate myself exclusively to agriculture, advocating an ecological and sustainable model.

Our philosophy focuses on matching as closely as possible the way nature behaves; by respecting biodiversity and fostering the land’s microbiological network, we look to create the balance needed by crops to grow healthily and keep safe from pests and disease.

We dedicate a great effort to the regeneration of the soil with organic matter and use a variety of techniques to enrich it in a natural way, such as the use of bocashi (fermented manure). Trees are fed with biofertilizers of our own production, that give our fruit great nutritional value and an exceptional flavour, and we harvest our fruit at its optimum point of ripeness.