Associate producers

As part of our mission to develop and strengthen the connections between small scale farms we sometimes offer fruit, vegetables or packaged goods from producers and other cooperatives who are not members of Tierra y Libertad.

These associate producers help us deliver seasonal and in-demand products to more buyers, offer new products that we hope you will enjoy, and are all organically certified; farmers whose principles and values align with our own.

Organic cucumber producer Sergio Lopez Berbel

Sergio Lopez Berbel

Location: Polopos, Granada
Products: Cucumber
Along with his wife and son – plus extra help during harvest – Sergio Lopez Berbel runs a 2-hectare greenhouse near Granada, growing the Dutch variety of cucumber. The farm has been organic since 2005.
Boxes of fresh vegetables

Bioalgarrobo SL

Location: Málaga
Products: Vegetables, fruit
Bioalgarrobo began life as a cooperative but now operates as a company, working with a diverse range of producers in the Málaga area, many of them functioning on too small a scale to economically manage the logistics of packing and transporting fresh fruit and vegetables themselves.


Location: Pizarra & Álora, Málaga
Products: Vegetables, citrus fruit, olives
A cooperative of producers centred on one 5-hectare farm growing vegetables, citrus and olives, but also buying from other small farmers in the surrounding area. Biomilanes mainly provide produce for a box scheme in the Málaga area, and have opened their own shop in the centre of the city.

Jose Antonio Lopez Caras

Location: Vícar, Almería
Products: Aubergine, California pepper, green beans

Jose Miguel Castilla

Location: Polopos, Motril & Granada
Products: Avocado
Jose Miguel Castilla is a small scale farmer cultivating the Bacon and Fuerte varieties of avocado, which are ready for harvest at the start of the growing season.
Organic persimmon producer Maria Dolores Climent

Maria Dolores Climent

Products: Persimmon
After Maria Dolores Climent inherited around one-third of a hectare from her parents in the 1980s, her husband decided to begin organic persimmon production there. More than thirty years later those trees are still providing fruit, making it probably the first and oldest organic persimmon farm in the whole of Spain.

Antonio Florido

Location: Almogía, Málaga
Products: Dragon fruit
Antonio Florido and his daughter Cristina together run a farm growing dragon fruit, in a quarter-hectare greenhouse as well as outdoors. They also cultivate the higo chumbo (Barbary fig or prickly pear), a crop which has been grown in Andalucía for hundreds of years but is now threatened by disease.

J. Heredia, P. Gallardo & Finca la Turquilla

Location: Los Corrales & Osuna, Seville
Products: Asparagus
Asparagus is a crop very sensitive to heat and humidity, and requires harvesting at the right moment. These three small farms deliver their asparagus to Bioalgarrobo SL just 2 hours after harvesting, where it is refrigerated and transported in the best possible condition.
Boxes of fresh vegetables

Horticola Sierra

Location: Sierra de Yeguas, Málaga
Products: Vegetables, fruit
Cooperativa Horticola Sierra was set up in 1996, in response to concern over the contamination of local aquifers with nitrites. In 2005 they were one of the founders of a local government program to supply schools and nurseries with organic produce, and until the end of the program were the elected farmers’ representative at the Andalucía Ministry of Agriculture. Horticola Sierra continue to supply organic food to a number public schools and several nurseries.

José Jurado

Products: Potatoes
Organic fig, mango and pomegranate producer Jose Antonio Lares

José Antonio Lares

Location: Coín, Málaga
Products: Fig, mango, pomegranates
With his father and one part-time worker, Jose Antonio Lares Ruiz runs a farm of 2.5 hectares in Coín, near Málaga. The land is divided between fig, mango and pomegranate production, new trees that gave their first harvests in the last few years and are increasing production annually.

Sebastian Marín

Location: Alhama de Almería, Almería
Products: Peach, nectarine, apricot, pomegranate, mandarin, grapes, prunes
Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Sebastian Marín runs Finca Los Frailes, a 14-hectare farm that is one of the earliest annual producers of mandarins, peaches, apricots and other stone fruits. Sebastian is also passionate about grapes, and has been recovering old grape varieties on his land.
Organic avocado producer Angel Palma

Angel Palma

Location: Benamargosa, Vélez-Málaga
Products: Avocado
A small scale producer working on half a hectare, located in Benamargosa near the town of Vélez-Málaga. Angel Palma also grows lemon, mango and plantain trees.
Organic galia melon producer Clara Pecy

Clara Pecy

Location: Córdoba
Products: Galia melon

Rafael Robles

Location: Villafranco de Guadalhorce, Málaga
Products: Cauliflower
Rafael Robles runs a farm of around 2.5 hectares growing a variety of vegetables in Villafranco de Guadalhorce, to the west of Málaga. He produces early season cauliflower and also grows broccoli, leek, artichokes and onions.

Jaime Rodriguez

Location: Sierra de Yeguas, Málaga
Products: Vegetables
Jaime Rodriguez manages around 12 hectares of land and grows a diverse range of crops including cauliflower, pumpkin, potatoes, onions, melon and leek. He also raises olive trees and keeps 150 beehives on his land, for pollination of the crops and honey production.

Manolo Serra

Location: Cártama, Málaga
Products: Papaya
Manolo Serra manages a small farm with approximately half a hectare of lemon trees and a greenhouse of around 4000 square meters, producing organic papayas. The farm is managed almost exclusively by Manolo himself, with seasonal help from outside workers or family members.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez Sleumer

Location: Álora, Málaga
Products: Kumquat
A farm of about 3 hectares located on the road to Ardales, on sloping land that must be managed and harvested by hand. Kumquat is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, collected during the winter months.
Organic sweet potato, courgette and vegetable producer Antonio Torcuato

Antonio Torcuato

Location: Nerja, Málaga
Products: Sweet potato, courgette, vegetables
A small farm producing around 3 hectares of different vegetables, mainly sweet potatoes and courgettes grown outdoors. The farm is in Nerja, a beautiful village on the Málaga coast.