Dry goods & drink

Our location provides the perfect climate for the production of olives, nuts, seeds and legumes, and Tierra y Libertad works with a number of small-scale organic farmers who grow, harvest and process these products themselves.

From honey produced in the national park of the Sierra de Aracena to the olive groves of Córdoba, we offer olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and honey of exceptional quality and flavour.

Organic olive producers Begoña Cosín and Rafael García

Begoña B. Cosín & Rafael García

Olive oil and table olives
In 2010 my brother and I took over and started to run my father’s farm along ecological lines, with a focus on selling directly to consumers.
Organic pistachio producer Gumersindo Sánchez

Gumersindo Sánchez

Pistachio nuts
Our pistachios are roasted and packed without adding any salt, making the most of the exceptional flavour that comes from organic cultivation.
Organic olive producer Livia Romanceac, harvesting green olives from a tree

Livia Romanceac

Manzanilla Aloreña olives, dried Zorzaleña Negra olives, sauerkraut
BioRomancel is run by Livia Romanceac, who leases areas of land for olive production and works with family members and occasional workers during the harvesting season.
Organic wine producers Pedro Cano and José Antonio Acosta

Pedro Cano & José Acosta

We are José and Pedro; we are an enologist and architect, farmers and winemakers. We work using organic and sustainable viticulture, and we are certified organic.
Antonio Carlos Calvo of beekeepers VerdeMiel, standing behind a table of honey jars

Antonio Carlos Calvo

Honey, pollen & hive products
For us, beekeeping is the perfect combination of skills between artisan, biologist, botanist, entomologist and farmer.
Organic dried fruit, nut and legume supplier Leonor Sanchez

Leonor Sanchez & Carlos Aragon

Dried fruits, nuts, legumes & cereals
We work with small farmers from all over Spain and as far as possible our products are not only organic, but also certified as fair trade.
A worker in the Guadalhorce warehouse packing a box of persimmon

Guadalhorce Ecológico

Preserved fruit & vegetables
Our cooperative focuses on short routes of marketing, the value of life in the field and fostering direct relationships between food production and its consumption.
Nuria, Cheo and Omar from organic producer La Puput

Omar Alonso

Grains & olives
La Puput is a progressive family business practicing regenerative agriculture. They strive for the greatest possible biodiversity on their land, and aim to achieve this by imitating nature as closely as possible.
Edna Herrera and Guillermo Alzaga from Naturalmente Bio

Edna Herrera & Guillermo Alzaga

Preserved vegetables, pulses & fruit
Naturalmente Bio is a small-scale company working directly with progressive farmers, providing a service to preserve and package their fresh products into glass jars, market and sell them.
Organic farmer Miquel Angel of Naturselva, standing between rows of hazelnut trees

Miquel Angel

Hazelnuts, walnuts & olives
Naturselva is a family business that has been certified organic since 2007. Its land is mostly located in La Selva del Camp, but they also grow produce in Alcover and Montbrió del Camp, in the Camp de Tarragona.
The four workers of pasta producer Spiga Negra in their factory

Arrate & Igor Corres

We are Arrate and Igor, a brother and sister who shared the dream of being able to transform the grains the land provides into organic food.
Carlo Sacchiero, María Ocaña and their family

Huerta la Perucha

Raisins, avocados, lemons, carob
Huerta la Perucha is the family project of María and Carlo; it is a place where they grow grapes, other sub-tropical fruits and crops for their own consumption.
Organic honey producer Sol y Tierra working with beehives

Chema & Teresa

We are a small artisanal honey producer located in the beautiful and uncontaminated Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche natural park.
Organic grain and vegetable producer Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Victorio Domínguez Muñoz

Grain, pulses & vegetables
In 2014 a group of small farmers from Montalbán formed the Monteblanco Cooperative, with the goal of producing organic fruit and vegetables at a fair price.
Organic vegetable milk, preserve, hummus and juice supplier Mercedes Archilla

Mercedes Archilla

Vegetable milks, preserves, hummus, juices
La Retornable brings together a group of socially and environmentally committed people to develop a variety of collaborative food projects, with products being mainly distributed to smaller local shops in the Granada area, across Andalusia and over some wider parts of Spain.
Organic farmer Jose Daniel Carbonell sitting in his warehouse, a tall hill of harvested rice behind him

Jose Daniel Carbonell

Run by Jose Daniel and his brother, the Carbonell project is located south of Seville in the area of the Doñana National Park, where rice growing has traditionally been key to the livelihood of the local population.