Antonio Marin

La Umbría Ibérico Ecológico


Lomo, salchichon, chorizo, jamon, & paleta from Iberian pigs

Certified Organic Since



Sierra del Tablón, Seville

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Type of producer

Family-run on 100 hectares of oak & olive trees


2-4: Antonio Marin, his mother, his brother and a worker from outside the family

About Us and our Approach

Our animals are pure Iberian breed. We select slender and hardy animals that can take advantage of all the resources offered by the farm and raise a maximum of 150 animals a year, which allows us to know almost every one of them. Our animals reach the age of at least two years – which is one more than most conventionally reared Iberian pigs – and have a much darker, mineralized and conditioned meat due to the exercise they get on the steep slopes of our farm. In addition to acorns and cereals, our animals feed on grasses, almonds, carob, figs and olives.

We are also slightly atypical as farmers! I am a veterinarian who became tired of the clinic and decided to take over from my father, who had been raising Iberian pigs for almost 20 years. With the help of my mother and brother we are motivated by biology and agriculture, and we believe this project represents an opportunity for us, our people and of course our environment.