Constantino Ruiz Dominguez

Rambla del Mar


Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, cucumbers, melons

Certified Organic Since



Viator, Almería

Location map of Spain for organic fruit and vegetable producer Rambla del Mar
Type of producer

Finca with organic gardens on 1.2 hectares



About Us and our Approach

Production began on our farm in 1998; however, until 2006 this was done using conventional methods and the addition of chemicals, which caused great damage to the soil. Moving over to organic farming we suffered some difficult years, looking to achieve an acceptable level of fertility and a decent crop. Focussing on the use of minerals, microorganisms and organic matter was part of a great effort to accumulate more carbon in the soil, working with no-dig methods and using mulch and compost preparations with animal manure.

The management of the farm now focuses on the soil and its natural fertility, seeking to generate the conditions for microbiology to proliferate. Our wider business focuses on selling via short channels, mostly to consumer groups and local markets.