Galo Naila

Jalon Nature


Nectarine, papaya, apple, pear, peach, almond, apricot & plum

Certified Organic Since



Lumpiaque, Zaragoza

Location map of Spain for organic fruit producer Jalon Nature
Type of producer

A family-owned farm on 14 hectares


Three full-time workers, rising to 8 during the harvest season

About Us and our Approach

I have been a farmer since I was born. My parents have always worked the land with great effort and dedication, and working with my father taught me everything I know today.

In 2014 my love for nature and the conviction that “we are what we eat” led me to completely change my way of growing, and along with my wife Marta we started our adventure in producing organic fruit. This is how Jalon Nature was born.

The distribution of our products is based on direct sales through short routes, developing a personal relationship with our clients and customers. Our philosophy: Commitment, Trust, Quality and Heart.