Arrate & Igor Corres

Spiga Negra

Location: Humilladero, Málaga
Products: Pasta

We are Arrate and Igor, a brother and sister who shared the dream of being able to transform the grains the land provides into organic food. We started Spiga Negra in 2014 with the main objective of producing high quality products, respecting nature and having close contact with the local families and projects that grow our crops.

To date we have succeeded in closing the grain cycle in our area, with a focus on local and organic agriculture. Our spelt and wheat varieties grow in the countryside of central Andalusia, then we grind flour with our own mill and complete the process in our traditional pasta workshop. To increase soil fertility and diversity, we practice crop rotation.

Ariadna and Isabel have joined our adventure, so now we are four! A team of people who, as well as providing high quality products, aim to keep our villages alive and providing local employment based on a sustainable business model.