Edna Herrera & Guillermo Alzaga

Naturalmente Bio

Location: Ráfales, Teruel
Products: Chickpeas, lentils, beans & pulses, passata, jam & preserves
Edna Herrera and Guillermo Alzaga from Naturalmente Bio

Naturalmente Bio is a small-scale company working directly with progressive farmers, providing a service to preserve and package their fresh products into glass jars, market and sell them. They work from a simple general kitchen that allows them to rapidly can a range of traditional vegetables, ensuring that the abundant harvest of a particular season can be enjoyed for the rest of the year.

Canned products – including many organic ones – often come from large industrial plants, where there is little or no transparency in how they are prepared or the nutrition in the harvested crop preserved. Naturalmente Bio’s small-scale approach enables them to keep their offer diverse, reduce the number of machines they run and optimise their processes, keeping their ecological footprint low and creating better working conditions:

  • Products are preserved using vacuum cooking and low temperatures
  • All ingredients are natural and organic
  • Production numbers are limited
  • Products are made with the lowest energy consumption and using glass packaging.

For Edna and Guillermo it is important to offer quality products with high nutritional value; they produce their chickpea and lentil jars using pulses grown by La Puput.

“Our business stands on three pillars: to operate in a sustainable way, to honour our daughter’s right to enjoy a natural, health life and environment; and to contribute to a system that respects the sustainable cycles of life.”