Jose González


Location: Jete, Almuñécar & Motril, Granada
Products: Custard apples, avocado & mango

My father has always been a farmer and I’ve shared a passion for working in the field since I was little, so when my wife and I began a family we decided to leave Madrid and return to our rural origins

Returning to our town we converted the farmland to organic agriculture and began to work following the model of agroecology, which for us has four fundamental benefits:

  1. For the environment; greater biodiversity on our farms and the elimination of all synthetic chemicals that are harmful to everything around us (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers etc.).
  2. For the people working in the field, due to the non-use of dangerous or harmful products.
  3. For the consumers who eat our fruit, because we produce our food following the principles of health and respect.
  4. For the future heritage of our children; the soil on which we work improves in fertility, year by year.

Our team is made up of Luis Miguel and Mario – permanent employees throughout the year – my wife and myself. Our model is based around building trust with our clients, with total transparency regarding our way of working. We share the same goals, are proud of our daily work and invite anyone consuming our products to visit and learn more about how we run our farms.

We intend to gradually increase direct sales through our website or by contact with consumer groups and associations. We believe this is the best way to ensure trust and increase knowledge of what we do.

We are what we eat, and as farmers we have a huge responsibility to produce healthy food containing all the nutrients to guarantee the health of our customers.