Omar Alonso

La Puput

Location: Valls, Tarragona
Products: Lentils, chickpeas, cereals & olives
Nuria, Cheo and Omar from organic producer La Puput

La Puput is a progressive family business practicing regenerative agriculture. They strive for the greatest possible biodiversity on their land, and aim to achieve this by imitating nature as closely as possible.

One major problem with growing cereals and pulses is that they are often planted as monocultures, requiring a large amount of processing and weed control. As an alternative La Puput relies heavily on polycultures, using this approach to mimic the biodiversity of the natural prairie. They grow different crops together that will not only strengthen and complement each other, but help the land remain free of weeds and improve the condition of the soil.

Additional fertilisation, crop rotation or soil treatments are not necessary, while soil life can flourish. In addition, where traditional farming relies on insecticides or herbicides for pest and weed control, La Puput use homeopathy, micro-organisms and biodynamic techniques to bring natural systems into balance.

For them this is not a job but a way of life, born out of the idea of being self-sufficient for themselves as well as for their immediate environment.

“We try to ensure that the products we produce are consumed by our family and friends – and their family and friends in turn.”