Livia Romanceac


Location: Álora & Pizarra, Málaga
Products: Manzanilla Aloreña olives, dried Zorzaleña Negra olives, sauerkraut

Livia was born in rural Romania, part of a family of 10 siblings. From a young age she learned a range of skills for working and living off the land; cultivating the soil, farming, processing and preserving crops, and baking bread. She still works organically – because that’s how she’s always done it, and because the best kind of nutritious and healthy product is one grown in balance with the environment.

Now she leads BioRomancel, a family-run project including her sister and another partner, forming a 100% female team that is also a member of the Guadalhorce Ecológico Cooperative. They harvest two varieties of olive, including Aloreña olives which are classified as ‘Protected Designation of Origin’, and sell to markets, cooperatives, shops and individuals in Spain – and in Europe through Tierra y Libertad.

Once they are ready to harvest, Livia’s olives are prepared using artisanal methods; first sweetened and preserved in brine containers, they are seasoned and packaged on demand. This means the product is always fresh, high in probiotics, full of flavour and unpasteurised; the healthiest way to get olives from the tree to your table!