Avocados are one of the most popular fruits we sell. We work with a number of farmers managing small- to medium-size orchards, all producing fruit using organic methods, with a focus on maintaining and regenerating the soil their trees grow in. A nutritious soil feeds the tree, and helps our fruit to develop the kind of texture and deep, rich flavour not found in intensively-farmed avocados.

For most varieties of avocado our growing season begins in autumn, carrying on over winter and through to April, with Lamb Hass and Reed trees fruiting later and continuing to produce into the summer.

Avocado Bacon

Available October – December
Bacon avocado is oval-shaped and has smooth, soft green skin with lighter markings. The flesh is yellow-green, with a mild flavour; fruitier, a bit sweeter and less creamy than other varieties. The seed is relatively big, so the ratio of flesh to stone is lower than average.
Bacon is the first of our avocados to come into season and maintains its green colour when ripe. It reaches best quality from the end of October and keeps on improving, with the fat content reaching its peak in December. The skin remains green as the fruit ripens.

Avocado Fuerte

Available October – January
The second of our avocado varieties ready for harvesting is pear-shaped, with a longer neck. The average size of Fuerte is larger than Bacon and Hass, and its quality is consistently good. The skin is thin, green and has a moderate shine, with a more flexible feel and granular surface. Fuerte avocado maintains its green colour when ripe.
The flesh is light yellow with a greenish hue and has a creamy, luscious texture and slightly nutty flavour. Its fat content is higher than Bacon but lower than Hass and the stone is medium-sized, making for a better ratio of flesh to stone.
Avocado Maluma

Avocado Maluma

Available November – March
Also called Maluma Hass for its resemblance to Haas avocado, this is a newer variety whose cultivation is becoming popular thanks to its excellent characteristics. Maluma’s glossy deep green skin turns purple-black when ripe and is thicker than other varieties, providing protection against falls or scratches.
The fruit is larger than the Hass avocado – closer in size to Fuerte – and the seed is the smallest of our varieties, giving it the best flesh to stone ratio. The flesh is yellowish near the stone and an intense green at the skin, with a smooth and creamy texture. Maluma has a slight nutty flavour that, unlike other varieties, remains consistent throughout the season.
Once ripe Maluma should be kept in the fridge, where it stays fresh for longer than other varieties. It sometimes displays a pink colour in the flesh, due to a high level of the antioxidant anthocyanin; this slows down oxidisation after being cut.

Avocado Hass

Available December – March
Hass is the most popular avocado in terms of in consumption, sales and cultivation. Its skin is thick and rough, flexible and easy to peel, and it turns a darker shade between black and violet when ripe. This makes it an ideal variety for storage and transport; one reason why the variety is so popular.
Hass ranges in size between 125 and 350 grams. Its flavour is very popular, with a creamy texture and fat content higher than Maluma or Fuerte and it has a smaller seed size, for a higher flesh to stone ratio.

Avocado Lamb Hass

Available April – June
Lamb Hass resembles the Haas variety, but produces a slightly bigger fruit. The skin is a darker green than Hass, thick and rough-textured.
Similar to the Hass variety, Lamb Hass also turns a darker shade when it is ripe. The size of its seed is average – a little bigger than the Hass – and its fat content is lower than Hass.
Avocado Reed

Avocado Reed

Available April – July
Reed is the latest-fruiting of our avocado varieties, with a season starting in April/May and extending into August. This allows us to provide consumers with avocados produced in southern Europe across most of the year. It is the only avocado produced in Spain with a rounded shape.
Reed is a larger avocado, usually weighing between 225 and 500 grams. Its skin is dark green, shiny and smooth. The flesh is buttery, with an excellent flavour, and the stone is small and easily removed. Its skin remains green when ripe.