Oficina do Paladar

Location: Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra
Products: Tinned tuna, sardines, mackerel & cod in extra virgin olive oil
Organic fish producer Oficina do Paladar

I have always been a consumer of tinned fish, and in 2010 decided to use the oil from a can of tuna to prepare a salad: it was marked “olive oil” and I thought I could trust it. I used it but was unwell afterwards and later learned that the oil used in canned fish is often 98% refined and only 2% virgin olive oil… a disappointment!

So I decided to offer fish in “real olive oil”. A tinned fish that offers consumers the pleasure of enjoying the fish and the accompanying olive oil. And what better way to provide it than in organic extra virgin olive oil, which has been awarded a gold medal?

Many years have passed since I produced and sold my first box of “tuna in real olive oil”. My customers give me positive feedback and this encourages me to give them the best fish possible! I started with one product: today I have 7 and hope to expand my range. Thank you for supporting my project!