Aigua Clara

Aigua Clara


Mainly citrus (oranges, mandarins and grapefruit), stone fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Certified Organic Since



Alberic, Valencia, Spain.

Producer Aigua Clara
Type of producer

Cooperative of producers and consumers.


Three people working all year in the shop and 3 working temporarily during the citrus season.

Producer Aigua Clara

About Us and our Approach

The Aigua Clara project started in the 1980s, one of many social initiatives to begin during that time. Pep Tudela developed organic cultivation in the Ribera del Xuquer in collaboration with Cooperative Terra Viva, and success with this led to more people from the local region also starting to grow organic produce.

Over the years individual producers organised themselves into a number of groups, and in 1999 formed the Association of producers and consumers named Aigua Clara. Out of this original Association the current Aigua Clara Cooperative was born in 2003.

Work in the Cooperative is organised around shifts of volunteer employees; essential for administration, publicity and information in our office as well as fieldwork, food production or sales.